How To Participate.

We accept the following tokens. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves or ZCash

A. Open a Waves Wallet.

  1. Open a wallet on This is where you tokens will be sent at the end of the ICO. Login in your account if you already have one or follow the following simple instructions to open one.

  2. Read the following warning twice.

  3. Write your seed somewhere and keep it safely. Create two copies. One that you use and a backup copy that you keep somewhere safely. If you lose your seed you will lose your funds.

  4. Your new Waves Wallet will look like the picture below

B. Send funds from your (or other exchange) account to your Waves wallet.

  1. Choose the coin you want to use and click on DEPOSIT tab. An address will appear.

  2. Copy the address that appears after you click DEPOSIT tab of the coin you have chosen to use.

  3. Open a separate browser window. In this window open your account and click on Accounts. If you don’t have a account, create one. It may take a few days to transfer funds into your account. This is a security measure on the part of It is meant to protect you and other users.

  4. Click on the Send tab of the coin that you copied the address from your Waves wallet.

  5. Paste the address the “Recipient” text area.

  6. Paste the address you copied from the table above into your account of the coin that you chose to use. Click Continue

  7. Wait for several minutes for the transaction to propagate through the Blockchain. If you are sending Bitcoin you may wait longer (Bitcoin Blockchain is the slowest).

C. Send funds from your Waves wallet to Fintechbit to buy Fintechbit tokens (FTBT).

  1. Go to your Waves wallet and check if your funds have already posted there. If the funds are NOT posted yet, wait a little bit more. Otherwise click on the WITHDRAW tab of the coin you are using.

  2. Copy the address for the selected coin address from the table below

  3. Enter the amount you are sending to Fintechbit account. Confirm and send.

  4. Copy your Waves wallet address

  5. Go to your account and paste your Waves wallet address you copied from step above into the “Wallet” address tab in your profile. This will enable our system to track your transactions and credit you accordingly. Also this address is where your tokens will be sent at the conclusion of the ICO.